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Let There Be Rock!

Verrazano Bait & Tackle

1980? My brother and I make recordings in our living room and call ourselves the WEST VIRGINIA BAND in honor of our former home. We have a kazoo and a toy indian drum for instruments. Our one song Dooba Dooba is immortalized on cassette. I still must have it somewhere. I was ten, he was 4 years old. We were a country bluegrass band.
1986-1990 This guy named Matt and I form the OHME BOYS due to our hanging out in the electrical department of Brooklyn Tech High School. We are at first a rap act. I still have the hits "The Brooklyn Tech" and the "Your Mom Rap" at home. I start to hang out at the Verrazano Bait & Tackle where I meet futre band members. The store is owned by Brian and is a refuge for the dregs of society in Bay Ridge.
1987 We get instruments (I buy the Ibanez Les Paul copy I use to this day with the help of Brian and Michael Stewart at Mode Music on Staten Island) and play a few songs, mostly in my basement. We recruit my brother to play drums and my friend Motorhead Mike as our second bass player. As a band we rehearse once. Mostly we are truly great at concepts. We dream of our upcoming world tours. One is the Planet Of the Apes Tour where we all dress as characters from the movies. At this point our only song worth showcasing is "The Kurak" a reggea and punk number.
To modernize we change the name of the band to OHME BOYZ. Of course we never actually play anywhere or make any records although some recordings do exist. We all have stage names. I am Solar Dildo, Matt is Buster Hymen, Motorhead Mike is Dog Semen and my brother is alternately Eci Allinav (Vanilla Ice spelled backwards) and Kid Y.M. (My dick backwards). As the band members go off to college and lead seperate lives the band just fades away.
1989  Throughout the decade I make tapes of just myself and a tape recorder. Some of these songs later become what we use today.
1995 My brother and I play an open mic night at the Continental in NYC. We call ourselves the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBERS as those were the days before the suspects were caught and we kind of resembled the terrible sketch drawings they had at the time. We play one show only but we have a tape of the songs we did.
1998 I decide to start getting more serious and make a demo with just a guitar and an old cassetter tape recorder. I call this a BLACK DEATH project and I send it off to all of my friends and even some bands I know. For the most part, it is poorly recieved although my friend Tony raves about one song called "I Like Pussy". This inspires me to continue.
1999 I borrow a 4-Track and make my first official EP called ONWARD TO DEATH. I later issue my first full length album NIGHTIME IN HELL. Both are solo projects and can be seen on the discography here
2000 I recruit Danny to play a few songs from this album with me at an open mic at Three Jolly Pigeons. This draws the interest of Brian and Brian who soon join the band.
2001 We play our first show as a four piece at 3 JP's.
2001-2005 we paly about 2 or three shows a year. So far we have played The Pigeons, Freddy's, Kitty Kiernans, Kay Checks, Liberty Taproom, Bohemia Hall and Grand Central Bar although many of these shows it was just me and Brian on stage as the others are frequently a problem to get a hold of to do anything.
2004 we record the Beer Vampire album at Wombat Studios
2005 hopefully we release the same album this year (thats doesn't happen).
2005 playing with Steve (ABERDEEN) and Joe (PLASTIC BEEF) Brian and myself jerk around with a project called VLAD AND THE IMPALAS even playing a blistering live set of BLACK DEATH covers.
2006 The Beer Vampire CD is finally released to an adoring public. The world is never the same. Album release party at Grand Central Bar turns out to be the party of the year. Danny asks to be removed, the band obliges.
2007 Taking a well deserved break for the first half of the year, new songs are worked on in a raw demo format. This demo garners the attention of Joe, Sal, and Steve who want to play the new material. A new crew begins to emerge. The first show with the new lineup at The Luna Lounge is a smash. The next show is even better. Steve leaves the band to pursue a solo career.
2008 With a solidified lineup the band has a hand in two compilations; "2nd Amendment" is released on As America As... the 4th Of July CD, and I produce the Halloween CD All Hallows Eve, the band contributes "Abandoned Cematary". VLADAPALOOZA 3 is a smash.

2009 Plans are in the works for a new album, hopefully one that will come out this year. Shows are announced as the band solidifies around the (not so) new lineup.