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cultural satarist and
cyber provocateur

"Love the logo with the punk anarchy "A" and the inverted metal cross. Thank you for not using an umlaut. I like the snatches of influence I hear.  I'm sure everyone hears something different depending on their background, but I hear alot of Ramones & Dead Kennedys influence in there (esp. on Swamp Thing) and
some Dropkick Murphys.  Not being a huge metal guy I hear more punk then metal.  The JETS song had me laughing out loud, as did "I Like Pussy", which could have been a tribute to an old time CA punk band named the Descendents (who were later re-incarnated as ALL). Brought back fond memories of the Plasmatics too.

I really like the guiter work & drumming.  The bass seemed kind of low
in the mix to me, or maybe it was my crappy car stereo. I like the way
the vocals mix it up, but I bet some non-punkers will hate that. 

My favorite track was of course "All Knowing Schwa".  Great, and not just because I was in on the joke.  Lyrically, musically, just plain excellent.  A perfect lead-off single if I ever heard one."

VARIOUS – All Hallows Eve (Penny For TheGuy) - Tales of pubs you never noticed before serving the blackest pint of Guinness and gone with the morning light and not there when you go back for more. Tales of sinister lands and zombies and gothy witches and howls and ghouls and chilling laughs and bells and moster mash rocky horrors. And songs about Alice Cooper that sound like the Mighty Boosh, that and worms chewing on your sins and sinister flesh eating blues tunes and dark psychobilly lo-fi horror rock tunes. Twenty-four slices and a compilation of Halloween music gathered from all over the globe and pulled together in the dark of New York City. Bands and such with names like BOX OF CRAYONS, JOE BLACK, STEVE WHITE, ROB K, SEA MONSTER, BLACK DEATH and more. It works, it flows, the perfect DIY lo-fi punky horror rock psychobilly new wave blues based goth out Party album

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"All Hallow's Eve"
Various artists
Penny For the Guy/Beer Vampire
Box of Crayons frontman Fran Powers and his cohorts have come to haunt your stereo with this compilation of punk, rockabilly, psychedelic freakouts, swampy blues, rap and melodic ghost stories. Opening cut "Abandoned Cemetery," by Brooklyn punk chords and metal vocals outfit Black Death, is a good introduction. Next up is Powers' own Box of Crayons cut, a narrative tune called "Be Careful What You Drink," about a guy who orders a Guinness at a creepy pub and gets himself in trouble. With 24 tracks total, these spooky cuts can go from amusingly campy to, well, plain ghastly. But no matter how many skeletons in this DIY closet, there are several good S.I.-based appearances (like BELT's "Those Mushrooms I Did on Halloween Were Awesome," for instance). And there are some excellent surprises, like Tom Waits-ish "Child Catcher" by Joe Black.


I just checked out your site/music..Haha! You guys seem to be having a blast! You remind me somewhat of the Mentors..Very cool!

            Krall of the Black Metal Band FUNERAL FOG


Punk rock trendsetter, musician, and rock reviewer for the Pheonix Press, The New York Press, Maximum Rock 'N' Roll ect. 

"Black Death is also a band from New York with a self released CD-soon-to-be-major-album, recorded at Wombat Recording in Brooklyn. Yo, Brooklyn!

Anyway, Black Death's new CD is called Beer Vampire, and, I gotta admit, I really like this group of cretins. At times I don't think they are the sharpest knives in the deck, but that makes them all the more charming and fun. They are the kind of guys who play music that promises the check is in your mouth and they won't come in your mailbox. Totally fun.

Another thing funny about these dudes is while they claim that Kiss, The Ramones, Black Sabbath, and even The Meatmen are influences, they have their own unique sound that's got to be heard to be believed. Some cool tunes here are "Mutiny on the Explorer," "Wanna Die," and "Betting on the Jets to Win Outright." With lines like "Stupid is as stupid does/Do you believe in Santa Claus?" these guys are right on track to a place in my heart and that hole in my gut."

George Tabb February 2007

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